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Uncork, pour and enjoy. Decant your wine in seconds instead of hours with the vinOair wine aerator.

The vinOair is a wine aerator, a device designed to enhance the flavor and aroma of wine by exposing it to the air as it is poured. The idea behind wine aeration is that it allows the wine to breathe, which can soften tannin's giving wine a velvety smooth finish, enhancing flavours  and improve its overall taste.

The vinOair's ingenious construction is complemented with optimal convenience.

The vinOair wine aerator lets you uncork and enjoy instantly. The Venturi effect is when a liquid speeds up as it flows from a wide area to a narrow area. In the vinoair wine aerator as the wine speeds up in the narrow section, it draws in air like a vacuum from tiny holes. As the wine passes through the plug between the wide section and narrow section, it makes a distinct sound- the sound is actually the vortex of the wine and air mixing- you actually hear the air being pulled in through the side air holes. This sound is unique to only Venturi wine aerators, and lets you know that you have a genuine Venturi aerator.

For the discerning nose or everyday wine drinker, the difference is clear.

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